Tool for Curiosity

Moment Magnifier is a new way of capturing childhood memories while letting the child be his own agent of recording moments without it influencing the process of engagement with his surroundings. 


Moment Magnifier consists of a magnifying glass which takes a picture of the person holding it and what he/she is trying to see through it. The Magnifier then interacts with the child asking him/her questions like what he/she sees and how he/she feels about it. The child’s response is recorded by the magnifier which is stored with the picture. The interaction can be programmed for educational games and treasure hunts, and according to age group. 

The tool simultaneously captures expressions, records interactions and gives out prompts for discovering new things.  


For a simpler interaction for a smaller age group, the tool would ask simple questions like 'what does it say?', 'what does it do?', 'what does it feel?' and records the response together with the image and expressions on the cloud. Not only is it a totally new and candid way of making memories, it is also a great way to observe learning and response patterns.