Hello! I am a Design Strategist with a background in Product and Multidisciplinary Design. 

I am a systems thinker: I love making sense of messes.  I think multi-dimensionally and always consider people, services, experiences and businesses in my work. 

I like challenging norms. As a critical thinker, I thrive in complex situations and new challenges. I am also an idealist. I believe deeply in the power of design and its ability to steward change across disciplines. I have a strong moral compass and deep empathy in all my work. I am process-oriented yet very intuitive. 

Having multi-disciplinary skills lets me work across departments with multiple stakeholders (with sometimes conflicting interests!) and through the different project phases. 

I graduated from the Products of Design graduate program, in 2015 at the School of Visual Arts, New York. I worked at IA Collaborative, a design consultancy in Chicago, IL, as a Design Researcher and Strategist.


Design Approach and Process
Among the gazillion versions of the design thinking process, the core remains the same, it being user-centered. And not just the "end- users" but all stakeholders involved or might be potentially affected. This is where a holistic systems thinking approach delivers. 

I like to understand the playing field and beyond
Systems mapping, mind mapping and landscape research are some of the tools I like to start off with when approaching a challenge. It gives me a good picture of how much we know or presume, and how much we need to dive in deep. It helps frame the bigger questions, premise and helps define the problem and the stakeholders. 

I like to talk to people and in their environments
Conversations and co-creative sessions are some of the tools I swear by when doing research. But I love experimenting with different activities and prompts to make the research tools more relevant and exciting for people. 

I like to analyze and make sense at micro and macro levels
Making sense of the complex emotions, hidden meanings, anomalies, shy voices and strong opinions together with what you know of the system, landscape and the stakeholders. It is a long yet exciting part of the process. 

I like to collaborate with designers to deliver inspiring solutions
Having been trained as a designer, I am sensitive to what is needed to produce breakthrough work. I like to create powerful insights and guidelines for designers and clients that instill empathy and inspire action.