IA Collaborative

Samples and process of my work at IA Collaborative, Chicago, as Design Researcher and Strategist. 

As a Design Researcher and Strategist, I work on diverse projects for clients including Amgen, Discover, Fedex, Hyatt, VMware and Saleforce. Here is a preview of my role and process.

Research Phase

This is when most things are unknown, malleable and full of possibilities. As a researcher, it was always exciting to be the foundation of the entire process and to get to define the next steps. 

1. Research Planning
Before we get into the wild and dive deep with field research, research planning is the first important step. From defining goals and objectives, identifying and recruiting the right users, designing and redesigning the discussion guides, defining methodology and activities and strategizing ways to optimize our time with the users, everything constitutes the research planning phase. Let's just say, research planning needs research and strategy too. 

2. Research

A. Contextual Research

B. Remote Research

C. In-facility Research

Strategy Phase

This phase is the link connecting research and design. As a strategist, I thrive at moments of making sense, connecting dots, thinking critically and creatively at the same time. It also means prioritizing goals with stakeholders, creating powerful and actionable insights for designers and guidelines for clients.