Why can't election campaigns be greener in approach?

An election campaign pamphlet of the mayoral elections in NY in 2013, was redesigned into a more ethical, collaborative, and engaging experience


The gesture of handing out pamphlets from one person to the other was transformed into a simple, inexpensive, and recognizable way of giving out seeds. The product invites people to physically create community gardens and literally and symbolically bring a new life. The collaborative event of coming together and planting seeds while promoting the election candidate created a more ethical way of campaigning.


The product ‘germinator’ can be personalized and creates a sense of ownership. The act of jamming the germinator into public ground alludes to taking a stand. The experience provides more satisfaction when voting for candidates. 



A pamphlet with too many words and promises was transformed into an engaging and cherishable artifact that encourage action. 

The process started with sketching 100 ideas, and looking at the potential ideas through the lenses of artifacts, value and brand. The product idea was realized after exploring and understanding election campaigns through these lenses.